CMS Support

You may want all the fun of updating your CMS, without having to understand the technical side.  CMS websites require regular updates of the nuts and bolts and also the plugins which add the functionality within the website.  DotBrandCreative offer CMS support to keep your website live and ready for action. A CMS website needs a bit of looking after to make sure it keeps working how it should.  As your website is made up of  many different components, they have to all live in harmony. Support can be given on an adhoc basis, but why wait until you get stuck, we offer a CMS support package which includes updating and ensuring your website stays live to full support on using the CMS after your three month support has ended.

What's included in our CMS Support

Weekly backups of your website

Which means if you ever have a problem the website can be rolled back to the last good back up so your website will be back to normal


When you need it, whether you are struggling to add content or you have a question about how to do something we are here to help you

Plugin updates

We will frequently check when new updates for any plugins used in your website are released and update your website

CMS updates

We will make sure any CMS updates are compatible with your plugins and we also check for any known issues with any of the latest updates and how this may affect your website

with our support packages
and keep your business online.